Blood Pressure

Does your dental office routinely take your blood pressure?
Have you recently had a blood pressure cuff around your arm at your dental office or anywhere for that matter? Knowing this simple to take reading could save your life.

Just the other day Jeanne came in for a filling and a crown. And, I asked how she was doing before starting her care. She said that she had recently visited with her primary care physician because of a high blood pressure reading she had at her last dental cleaning appointment. After some tests, her physician agreed that she needed to be placed on medication. Having to be put on medication is typically not a welcomed moment in anyones life. However, she went on to thank me and our team for checking her blood pressure. She told us that she wouldn’t have known it was high and this very well could have saved her life.

I agree with Jeanne. We routinely check blood pressure to prepare for the care of our patients as well as to give our patients insight into their overall health. You visit your dentist at least two times a year and you may only visit with your physician once. It’s my professional responsibility to care for you, the whole you, not just your mouth.

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